Janeane Garofalo

That’s not a joke! Its actually true. I can’t believe it!

First, they announce they are going to have a Hillary-type character as President. Then they announce they are going ‘green’ (I hate that expression – it ruins the image of a perfectly good color.). And now, NOW, they announce that Janeane Garofalo is joining the cast as a regular for the upcoming season.

In the exclusive at TV Guide they use words like ‘funny lady’ and ‘comedienne’ to describe her. Ummmm … when was the last time she was funny? Oh, I remember, when she tried to sound intellectual talking about politics. I mean, people wouldn’t even know who she was if she didn’t make a spectacle of her tinfoil hat wearing self.

Are the producers of 24 trying to draw in a broader audience? Like the extreme loony left? They aren’t going to like 24 anyway cause they use guns (gasp!) and fight bad guys on the show. They even let the bad guys be muslim (so politically incorrect of them!) Not to mention, I don’t think even the looney left watch Janeane Garofalo in anything. Does she even have an audience? I know I can’t stand to watch her in anything. I’d rather get my teeth drilled.

:Sigh: This is what happens to so many shows. They take a formula that works and decide to fix it. Then its over.

What do y’all think? Is there potential for more and fresher story lines with these changes or does this signal the end of a perfectly good series?

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  9 Responses to “Janeane Garofalo Joins the Cast of 24”

  1. Janeane Garofalo to Join Cast of “24″…

    If I watched TV I’d be a “24″ fanatic – well at least up until next season:
    The political left and the political right are going to meet on Fox’s “24″ this coming season.
    Actress-comedian Janeane Garofalo, an outspok…

  2. Oh no! Now they’ve REALLY ruined it…

    BSC: I know!! Its terrible. I can only think of a couple of scenarios where it would work, but I hate to write them in public. hehehe

  3. I did a short post about this, too. Agree with all you said! Ruins it for me. She’s about as funny as……well, she’s NOT funny! She’s boring! YUK

  4. Jump the shark time for 24…

    Maybe they’ll just shorten it to “12″, so as not to leave such a large carbon footprint.

  5. X- I had heard the show was going “green. Barely made it through season 6 so now I’m done with 24. Watching JG is beyond my levels of torture. The show will die after this season due to NO VIEWERS.

    What a bunch of dumb a$$es. They ruined their own success trying to bow to the altar of PC.

  6. I can’t stand her, or her “politics”. Won’t watch anything associated with her. Ever. Same for TokyoRosie, Jane Fonda, etc. I find them all about as appealing as ever seeing Michael Vick throw a ball again. (:-&

  7. You bunch of hypocrites…

    What a bunch of cry babies. Waaahhhhh!!!!
    Get over it.
    I see I’ve come to the right place, you bunch of wingnuts.
    You think you own the airways? You don’t. We are fighting back. Its called equal opportunity. Its called fair air time ……

  8. We’re in the final stretch, get out and vote! (OTB)…

    Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, and now is the time to make your voice heard. Who better than an Iraqi War Vet to know how important it is to seal our borders? I’m talking about North, South, East and West! C’mon folks. Get up, get o …..

  9. I never really got in to 24, but, how can you have her on a show like that? Insane!

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