Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline

The Obama Administration has denied permits to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obama has taken this action in spite of promises to create American jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. With the stroke of a pen, the Obama Administration has killed what could have meant enormous economic gains for the United States.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will transport oil from Canada to refineries in Oklahoma and Texas. It will create over 10,000 jobs immediately and over 300,000 over the next 5-years. It would provide a much needed source for oil, which would in turn reduce our dependence on foreign sources and reduce the price of gas at the pump, giving a boost to our floundering economy.

It sounds like a win-win situation to the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, the environmental extremist think that it will result in less demand for high-efficiency vehicles and research into fuel alternatives.

In other words, Obama is catering to the greenies at the expense of the economy. It is an act of national insanity.

The denial of these permits don’t mean the project is completely deal. What it does mean is that it is delayed (again!). TransCanada has the option of appealing the permit denial and has announced that they will appeal. The delay means that the issue will be postponed until after Obama’s re-election campaign, meaning he can count on the environmentalist vote next November. Apparently keeping his job is more important to him than creating American jobs and reducing American dependence on foreign oil.

He never promised political courage.

Its not too late to let Obama know that we NEED the Keystone XL Pipeline. Sign the petitions:

[FACEBOOK] Sign the petition! Urge the Obama Administration to approve the Keystone XL pipeline by the February 21 deadline.

[TWITTER] Sign the petition: Urge #Obama to approve the #KeystoneXL pipeline by the February 21 deadline! #YesKXL

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